Workshop: How to teach transition

06 Nov 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Virtual space

Workshop: How to teach transition


The Transition Dialogue Network is mapping how post-communist transition is being taught in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Early findings suggest that there is consensus over the factual events, but that there are gaps in the interpretation of these events, usually connected with painful and controversial issues and possible political instrumentalization. We want to dedicate this workshop to a conversation about how to overcome the gaps: How can we encourage the development of more democratic history curricula? What methods could help to empower students to deal with conflictual issues in a constructive manner? Together with you, our network experts will explore the different methods of Multiperspectivity, Historical Thinking, Oral History, Eye Witnesses and Places of Memory.

Barbara Christophe, Georg Eckert Institute for School Book Research, Germany

Dörte Grimm, Zeitenwende-Lernportal, Germany

Caroline Hornstein Tomić, Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, NECE Advisory Board, Croatia

Nora Korte, Transition Dialogue project, Germany

Kerstin Lorenz, Zeitenwende-Lernportal, Germany

Veronika Ludwig, Robert-Jungk-Oberschule Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany

Momchil Metodiev, Christianity and Culture Journal / Institute for Studies of the Recent Past, Bulgaria

Alicja Pacewicz, Center for Citizenship Education, NECE Partner, Poland

Dina Sorokina, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Museum, Russia

Stanisław Zakroczymski, lawyer and historian, Poland