The two OPEN SPACE sessions on 25 October, 11am to 12am, and 26 October, 10am to 12am, are the perfect place for an open exchange, networking and spontaneous discussion on upcoming relevant issues. Discuss your own challenges, needs, tools, topics, and projects in citizenship education. You can host a discussion with your own topic or take part in discussions hosted by other participants.

Since the time to collect topics on the spot is going to be quite short this time, we invited all participants to send us their suggestions in advance. However, so many topics and proposals have reached us in such short time, that we must now ask you to no longer send us your topics in advance

We’d like to stay true to the format Open Space and therefore keep the remaining slots open for registration on the spot. Thank you for your understanding. We are impressed by your enthusiasm! 

If you are interested in hosting or joining a discussion, you still have the possibility to sign up on the spot! Please visit the OPEN SPACE Board in the lobby Level 2 of the venue

As the OPEN SPACE is a tried-and-trusted NECE format, some discussion proposals by participants have already reached us. We are looking forward to (amongst others):

  • The Sustainable Democracy Game (SDG) by IAED – International Academy for Education and Democracy
    Learn how the SDG opens for Dialogue on and understanding of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • European Citizenship Solidarity Beyond Brexit by ECIT – European Citizen’s Rights, Involvement and Trust
    This workshop looks at the irrevocable nature of EU citizenship. It also investigates how EU citizenship could “create a dignified way forward” for those who may risk losing rights because of Brexit.

  • Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture by Steve Austen, NL
    This motto should encourage the broader cultural and socio-cultural sector to rethink their policies and practices. Ways to assist organisations and institutes, NGOs and informal networks to manage the upcoming changes will be presented, among those an accredited MBA European Culture, Heritage & Citizenship.

  • Embedding Equality Education: Scotland’s Successes and Weaknesses by the Socialist Educational Association Scotland
    Learn and discuss how well does education challenge discrimination across social class, gender stereotyping, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnic minorities, care experienced young people and what could be done to improve equality education?

  • EU Funding Programmes by EfBB – Europa für Bürgerinnen und Bürger (Europe for Citizens)
    The issues of social inequality, inclusion, etc. also affect support programmes to a large extent. We will also discuss the future generation of programmes currently under negotiation.

  • and more to come!