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Online event, 02.11.2020, 6:00 – 7:00 pm (CET)

NECE 2020 – a CAMPUS Review & CONFERENCE outlook with Jan-Werner Müller (Professor of Politics at Princeton University, NECE Advisory Board), presenting an outlook of the US elections


Guests of the NECE CAMPUS 2020 and stakeholders of citizenship education

On 2 November, we invite you to reflect and look ahead:

What can we take away from the NECE CAMPUS 2020, on to the digital NECE conference starting in the same week? What questions would you like to address to our keynote speakers? And what are your visions/ideas for the next NECE CAMPUS in 2021?

After four months of the digital NECE CAMPUS 2020, 29 diverse and exciting online sessions, and more than 1000 viewers and participants, we invite you to look back at this amazing and innovative virtual event series.

Jan-Werner Müller, renowned political scientist, publicist and expert on US politics, will kick off the CAMPUS Review with an input on the upcoming US elections: “Four more years? What is on the ballot on 3rd November?”

The NECE CAMPUS was the response of the NECE Initiative ( to the disruption of our communication and our places of exchange, learning and civic participation after the lockdowns across Europe in early 2020. It has initiated new ways of discourse and networking in the digital space in the run-up to the annual NECE conference, starting on November 5. On the NECE CAMPUS, discussions were held on how citizenship education should be positioned in the face of a world turned upside down: How will politics, society and economy change in the long term? What role does citizenship education play in coping with these challenges? With a huge variety of cooperation partners, among them the Goethe Institute, the DARE network, the Varieties of Democracy Institute and others, we addressed these questions on the NECE CAMPUS. On the digital facilitation platform Howspace, participants were able to exchange ideas live during the online sessions, document their presentations and continue the debates in preparation of the digital NECE conference (5-7 November 2020)

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