NECE 2018

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Opening by Thomas Krüger, 6/9/18
Welcome by Christoph Müller-Hofstede, 6/9/18
Keynote by Latifa Ibn Ziaten, 6/9/18
Keynote by Fernando Vallespí­n, 7/9/18
Keynote by Emily O’Reilly, 8/9/18

Round Table: Où en sont-elles, l’éducation et la citoyenneté en France?, 6/9/18
Abstract by Claire Demesmay
Abstract by Claude Proeschel
Abstract by Tahar Rabahi

Panel I: Turning back the tide, but how? Citizenship Education for a citizens’ Europe, 7/9/18
Abstract by Edit Inotai
Abstract by Niccolò Milanese

Panel II: Emotions and Politics: Ideas and formats for citizenship educators
Abstract by Ola Hnatiuk
Abstract by Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

Panel III: Fake News Worlds – Can citizenship education burst (the) bubbles?
Abstract by Florent Guignard
Abstract by Mads Vestergaard

Round Table: Desperately seeking… a future for solidarity in Europe.
Abstract by István Hegedüs
Abstract by Caroline Hornstein Tomic
Abstract by Jaroslav Kuisz

…. still more to come!


Workshop: Raconte-moi ton histoire
Report by Alban Genty

Workshop: Keeping Europeans Together – The EU Cohesion Monitor
Report by Christoph Klavehn

Kick-off Meeting: NECE Focus Group: ‘Parliaments and Citizenship education’
 Report by Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk

Workshop: (Not) being sober, rational and objective: The emotions of democracy and the affective dimension of citizenship education
Report by Tomaz Pusnik

Workshop: La Formation des citoyens à l‘École? Shared dilemmas and common perspectives for the future of civic education in schools
Report by Andrea Szukala

Workshop: Experts’ Consultation: Citizenship Education & EU funding
Report by Philippe Ternes

Workshop: Lobbying for Change – Citizens´ Advocacy in the European Union
Report by Philippe Ternes

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