NECE Declaration


– NECE DECLARATION, October 26, 2020

Why this declaration?

2020 is a watershed moment for Citizenship Education in Europe. The pandemic has forced our societies to ask questions about the future of learning, of work and of civic participation. It has worsened pre existing inequalities and injustices, and highlighted the potential fragilities and unsustainable aspects of our way of life. At the same time, 2020 has reminded us of the importance of mutual care and solidarity, between individuals, between countries and between continents. More than ever, citizenship education and capacities for democratic commitment and civic life are essential for the resilience of our societies.

Under the heading ‘Time to take Action’ the ‘declaration’ offers a list of recommendations to the ­­Council of Europe, the European Commission, European parliament, national governments and cities and local communities. It reminds every organization and institution involved in education to make a priority of citizenship education.

Everybody is invited to sign this declaration for more and better citizenship education in Europe!

How to sign? Just send us an e-mail to, permitting us to publish your name and affiliation on the NECE website.

Download the DECLARATION here.