Over a Coffee…

Over a Coffee...

We all used to meet family, friends or colleagues over a coffee as this was one of the most normal things we globally did before Corona. Having a coffee together is an international gesture to getting together and have a talk in a friendly and unhurried atmosphere – in our daily and working life. A casual and relaxed meeting where you talk about daily stuff but also dive into serious and interesting discussions with your counterpart. We want to bring this coffee-meeting feeling home to you and let you take part in an informative talk between experts from all over the world. For this, a correspondent from the region will have a talk with one or two people out of the wide field of Civic Education with a focus on a certain country. We want to give an insight into the specific problems and challenges in the country as well as showing the approach to the solutions because we believe that in this time we should stay together and learn from each other. To make it more interactive we want you to share your questions and join the discussion.

... in Beirut and Tunis

... in Great Britain

... in Germany