About bpb:connect

Facing today’s reality it seems more important than ever to stay in touch with colleagues all over the world, share concerns and ideas and discuss recent and coming challenges of the world society through the lens of Citizenship education. We want to bring all of you together, to connect with experts and stakeholders from different regions and to take up international co-operations and debates on our new online platform bpb:connect.

We will talk to our partners about How do stakeholders in Civic Education organize themselves currently? How do they perceive the most important challenges?

We will invite international experts to discuss post corona scenarios since the global Corona crisis affects people all over the world: indifferent respect and to a different extent across and within countries and regions. It challenges governments, politicians, activists, businesses, health – educational and social systems, and every citizen worldwide. It forces us to rethink fundamental concerning democracy, governance, cohesion, resilient societies, injustice, or solidarity, just to name a few. More than ever, citizenship education is needed to provide reliable and evidence-based information as well as spaces for engagement and discussion for citizens – across borders.
This crisis shows yet again that we live in an interdependent world and that today’s challenges don´t stop at national borders and that they demand transnational responses.

As far as Citizenship Education is concerned we together with colleagues from different countries tried to develop and strengthen transnational exchange, networking, and cooperation mostly via meetings, conferences, working groups, festivals, you name it.

We will seize the opportunity to meet online maybe over a coffee and get to know one another virtually.

We are looking forward to meeting you here!